Fri, Oct 1, 2004 13:30 EDT


Smart Car

video: How Smart Is It?

Thu. Sep. 30 2004 1:24 PM ET

Mercedes has just introduced its 'Smart Car' to Canadian buyers. Is it for you? Join CFTO's Pat Foran for a test drive.

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10 keys to getting a great deal

There's a lot more to getting a good deal than simply haggling with the salesperson or private seller. >

Best used cars for under $20K

Consumer Reports' auto experts list the best used cars. Many sell for less than $10,000! >

Electronics & Computers

The future of laptops

Laptop computers have come into their own as a serious alternative to desktops. >

Cordless phones

Two noteworthy trends: Phones use higher frequency bands, and a growing number can handle multiple handsets from a single base. >


Vacuum cleaners

Fancy features and a high price don't necessarily mean better cleaning. >


You'll see larger capacity, more power, sensors that detect doneness, and stylish designs. You can get a countertop model for less than $40. >


Economy-class syndrome

Follow these tips to reduce the risk of DVT, a potentially fatal condition hitting long-haul travelers. >

Personal Finance

50 Money Saving Tips

It sounds like a Paul Simon song, but these tips will help you keep your piggy bank plump. >


The truth about irradiated meat

In the wake of meat scandals and consumers' fears, a new process in treating meat has people chewing over the results. >

Trans Fats

Trans Fats are everywhere and they aren't good for you. Learn how to avoid them in everyday food items. >

Health & Fitness

Soothing fragrances

Aromatherapy may be able to boost your mood, diminish anxiety. >

Home & Garden

Finding a good contractor

Pick the product, plan the project, then choose the contractor. >


Real-estate professionals on the amount various projects are likely to return. >

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