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Food processors and mini-choppers
Match the machine to the way you prepare foods although you may need more than one.>

Hand and stand mixers
Choose machines that excel at the tasks you do most. Hand mixers are best for light chores and powerful stand mixers are ideal for cooks who make food from scratch.>

Ranges, cooktops & wall ovens
Choices can be confusing, but you don't have to spend top dollar for impressive performance with high-end touches. >


Car repairs and maintenance
Sometimes it's best to go the dealer; other times, consider an independent contractor. >

Roadside emergency kit: What to carry with you
A few basic items can help you get back on the road quicker.>

Cars for teen drivers
We'll show you what course first-time drivers should take. >


Lights, camera, action!
Choose a camcorder with tips from Consumer Reports' experts.>

Digital cameras
Ready to add another or trade up to a newer model? There are more choices than ever.>

MP3 players
These devices let you play music you've either downloaded from the Web or "ripped" from your own CD collection.>

Cordless phones
Two noteworthy trends: phones use higher frequency bands, and a growing number can handle multiple handsets from a single base.>

Laptop buying advice
A long-time companion at work, school, and on the road, the laptop has finally come into its own as a serious alternative to the desktop computer. >

Is a laser, inkjet, or dye-sublimation printer best for you? >


18 ways to get your 9 a day
Overcome the "taste," "waste," and "no time" barriers to get your daily veggies and improve your health.>

Caffeinated kids
True or false: A cup of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream has more caffeine than a can of Coke. Reward yourself with a spoonful of ice cream if you said "true." >

Snacks: The next generation
Honey-wheat Rold Gold pretzels, Natural Ruffles potato chips. Organic…Tostitos? Welcome to the new millennium of snacking, where "natural," "organic," and, most recently, "no trans fat" have succeeded "light" and "fat-free" from the 1990s as the marketing buzzwords for mainstream snack foods. >

The stealth fat
Trans fat lurks in a multitude of foods. It’s not labeled. And it’s bad for your heart. Here’s how to avoid it. >

The truth about irradiated meat
In the aftermath of record meat recalls, certain supermarkets and restaurants are touting something new: irradiated chicken and ground beef. >

  Health & Fitness

Cold weather workouts
Simple steps you can take to work out safely--and enjoyably--at this time of year.>

Healing help
Find out which alternative medicines might work for you.>

Whether you plan to hit the road or the trail, you'll get more bike for your buck than ever before. >

  Home & Garden

Computerized paint color
Color-matching services in paint stores can miss the mark. >

Deck treatments
What kind of treatment lasts the longest? >

Remodeling: What pays most and least
Amid the current housing frenzy, many consumers have come to believe that money poured into their houses will return more than an Internet stock during the 1990s. We decided to test the proposition. >

  Personal Finance

How much is your jewelry worth?
Get the best price for your valuables and avoid rip-offs at the jewelry store.>

Tips for financial security
10 easy ways to ensure a more secure future.>

Hotel fees and surcharges
Hotels are coming up with new ways to gouge guests.>


How to complain effectively
Knowing what to say and who will listen can bring relief--and even compensation. >

More for your miles
Are you squeezing all you can out of your airline miles? Here are the answers to questions flyers frequently ask that will help you get more miles, and more for them. >


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