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Cookware sets that sizzle
Look for the best combination of performance and value >

Back-to-school appliance-buying guide
These appliances will come in handy whether your son or daughter lives in a dorm or an off-campus apartment >


Early car repairs save cash
That new noise? Don’t wait until the repair becomes a horror story. >

Don't rely on used car history reports
Many dealerships provide free history reports to consumers. They provide useful information, but it's what they can miss that should worry you. >

How to keep your old car looking like new
These steps will make your car more pleasant to drive and might fetch you a better price when it's time to sell >

Save hundreds on auto maintenance
Watch for rip-offs that make you pay extra for auto service >


Protect your camera from a summer soaking
Many point-and-shoot cameras that become waterlogged stop working. Here's how to help your camera avoid a similar fate. >

Photo-sharing sites: No place to back-up your photos
Here are some tips for saving your shots >

TVs for the budget buyer
Use our recommendations to find a set that suits your style and budget >


Eight ways to save when eating out
You're all but guaranteed to come out ahead if you try any of the following >

13 ways to save money at the supermarket
Best strategies for making your shopping pay off >

The lowdown on downsized products
The troubled economy is speeding the trend toward deceptive packaging >

  Health & Fitness

What to pack in an emergency kit
Health experts recommend creating a swine flu emergency kit >

At-home tooth whiteners differ in effectiveness
There are lots of over-the-counter home whitening kits available, but some are more effective than others >

How did you sleep last night?
Not so well, according to half of those we asked in a sweeping survey of the nation's sleeping habits >

  Home & Garden

Would you buy that mattress again?
17,000 subscribers rate their beds and where they bought them >

Simple home makeovers for under $1000
Here's what $1000 may buy in your kitchen or bathroom >

15 top-rated products that can make your summer project easier
Here are some top choices for your summer projects >

5 home repairs you shouldn't ignore
Use our expert advice to stop trouble in its tracks >

Easy ways to keep kitchen-remodeling costs in check
12 ways to save >

  Personal Finance

It pays to buy store brands
Store-brand foods we tested cost an average of 27 percent less than big-name counterparts >

Get what you deserve
25 percent of us ignore rebate offers >

Steamed about 'sticky pricing'
In these times it's wise to take precautions >

Protect yourself if a store goes bankrupt
Some companies are still charging higher prices even though the excuse for them no longer exists >

Slash your grocery bills
Here are some helpful ways to save money when shopping for groceries at the supermarket >


Traveling overseas with your cell phone—without the big bills
Here's a list of tips for staying-connected while vacationing overseas >

How to find great deals on last-minute travel
The economic crisis has put a crimp in many people's travel plans. The result has been price drops in travel. >

Use frequent-flyer miles wisely
Is it worth cashing in your frequent flyer miles now? It depends. >

Cheap travel: 10 ways to save
Tips for finding the best deals >


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